Sesha Skin Therapy’s topical skincare formulations deliver with a visible difference.
With its patented Permeation Enhancement Technology PET™, Sesha has developed the only skin care technology which has an FDA clearance for safety and efficacy. PET™ has the ability to safely solubilise active ingredients so that they can effectively penetrate the stratum corneum. From that point, each cell will select the ingredient it needs most to function at its optimum level. Conversely, if the formulation does not the means to safely transport ingredients so that they penetrate the surface layers of the skin, the nutrients will simply sit on the surface of the skin, relieving only the immediate issues of dryness or fine lines with no long-term benefits.
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Sesha Repair/Protect-30 1oz
Sesha Repair/Protect-30 repairs and protects environmental damage, contains SPF 30 . 1.0 oz Photolyase enzymes help repair DNA damage Carnosine combined with natural Vitamin E protects the skin from free radical damage at the skin's cellular level Heat shock protein strengthens the skin's resistance...
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Sesha Advance Lightening Serum 0.5oz
Sesha Advance Lightening Serum (without Hydroquinone) achieves pigmentation reduction using patented delivery technology together with many advanced and natural ingredients synergistically to inhibit and reduce tyrosinase activity. Active ingredients include: Tranexamic Acid, a safe and stable ingredient...
Sesha Advance Eye Restore 0.5oz
Sesha Advance Eye Repair smooths and reduces the look of lines and wrinkles around the eyes . 0.5 oz Argireline reduces the look of wrinkles and lines by relaxing facial muscles Pentacare has a tightening effect on the skin Dermaxyl stimulates fibroblast and increases cell turnover MDI Complex prevents...
Sesha Complex C Serum 0.5oz
Sesha Complex C Serum is an advanced anti-aging complex combines the power of Vitamin C with the most innovative active ingredients to increase epidermal thickness, elasticity, restore the skin's dermal structure, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. Utilizes ascorbyl...
Sesha Complex A Renewal 1oz
Sesha Complex A Renewal is highly concentrated withVitaminARetinol. This is a light emulsion that targets lines, dull or blotchy texture, and pigmentation. Thisemulsionalsocombinesketoglutaric acid and Vitamin C as a powerful source for collagen production and isformulatedwithpeptidesArgireline , to...
Sesha Advanced Antioxidant Cream 1oz
Sesha Antioxidant Cream helps fight oxidative stress and glycation to correct environmentally damaged skin . 1.0 oz Di-peptide carnosine helps fight the negative effects of oxidative stress and glycation MDI Complex reduces collagen breakdown Key antioxidants work synergistically to slow the aging process...
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