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Obagi Hydrate 48g
Obagi Hydrate will moisturize the skin using natural ingredients. This Obagi Moisturizer contains Hydromanil, which is a natural moisturizer extracted from tara seed. This ingredient will retain water and slowly moisturize the skin for up to 8 hours. Shea and mango butter along with avocado and glycerin...
£44.98 £40.48
Obagi Nu-Derm 1 Foaming Gel Cleanser 200ml
Obagi Nu-Derm 1 Foaming Gel Cleanser is a gentle, luxurious formula combined with a blend of herbs, natural cleansers and aloe vera. It frees your skin of pollutants without damaging the skin's own natural moisture content. It leaves all skin types clean and extremely soft to the touch. Obagi Foaming...
£52.70 £47.44
Obagi Nu-Derm 1 Gentle Cleanser 200ml
Obagi Nu-Derm 1 Gentle Cleanser is a special combination formulated to cleanse as well as soothe the skin. It leaves behind no traces of residue, leaving you with skin that feels smooth, comfortable and soft. Obagi Gentle Cleanser is a dissolving cleanser recommended for cleaning normal to dry, sensitive...
£52.70 £47.44
Obagi Nu-Derm 2 Toner 200ml
Obagi Nu-Derm 2 Toner is a refreshing blend of natural ingredients and herbs, hydrates and tones your skin while restoring normal pH balance. It prepares the skin for the application of Obagi Clear. The Obagi Toner is applied after cleaning the skin. This restores the skin's natural pH, enhances the...
£52.70 £47.44
Obagi Hydrate Luxe 48g
ObagiHydrateLuxe is designed to complement the skins natural nightly functions. This ultra-rich facial cream deeply hydrates to keep skin looking soft and supple. With continued use, this moisturizer also helps improve the appearance of fine lines, skin texture, firmness, skin radiance and overall hydration....
£58.94 £53.05
Obagi Sun Shield Matte 85g
Obagi Matte Sun Shield SPF 50 is a seriously high protection sunscreen lotion for those who really care about their skin. It combines high UVB absorption and dynamic UVA blockage in an elegant, matte finish. It is PABA-free and fragrance-free for all skin types. Contains: Zinc Oxide 10.5%, Octinoxate...
£64.00 £57.60
Obagi Sun Shield Tint Cool 85g
Obagi Sun Shield Tint Cool 85g Receive complete sun protection with Obagi Medical Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50. This tinted sunscreen shields skin from UVA and UVB rays. But unlike most sunscreens, this sun protection product also defends against infrared rays. Instead of going by skin tone,...
£64.00 £57.60
Obagi Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm 57g
Obagi Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm is an exfoliating lotion that contains phytic acid, which is gentler than AHAs, in a soothing base to smooth and tone rough or damaged skin. It helps with keratolytic and exfoliating activity. It also helps enhance the activity of hydroquinone and tretinoin. Obagi Exfoderm is...
£86.98 £78.28
Obagi Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm Forte 57g
Obagi Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm Forte is the product used in the Obagi Nu-Derm system for exfoliation and to help enhance the hydroquinone and tretinoin activity. This exfoliating lotion contains alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid and glycolic acid) in a unique base to smooth and tone rough or damaged skin. Obagi...
£86.98 £78.28
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