Medik8 is the British skin research company pioneering cosmeceutical technologies to make the most effective ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin, yet crucially without compromising efficacy. Medik8 cosmeceuticals may be used by everyone.
Apart from being kinder to the skin, it turns out this new technology is kinder to the planet too. That’s why Medik8 is known as the ‘Green Cosmeceutical’ brand. Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree that distinguishes it from others.
People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. In fact, those suffering from acne, rosacea or psoriasis usually have greater skin sensitivity, which can be exacerbated by some aggressive treatment products that they use.
The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency. We do this in many ways for example using film-encapsulation, chirally correct actives, non-acid derivatives and patented anti-erythema technologies. Of course, using any effective strength actives, for example retinols and fruit acids, will cause some stinging to even the toughest skins, but Medik8 pharmacologists have minimised the degree of irritation and in some cases made it absent all together.
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Medik8 Clay Mask 75ml
Medik8 Clay Mask is a purifying clay mask designed to reduce the appearance of pore size to leave the skin purified, refreshed, soft and glowing. A sumptuous mask rich in natural clays to draw out impurities and to absorb excess oil, and help prevent pore clogging. Plant extracts like passionflower and...
£29.00 £14.51
Medik8 Red Alert Serum 15ml expires 2/19
Medik8 Red Alert Serum actively reduces the appearance of skin redness. Helps to provide intensive, calming relief for redness and flare-ups caused by skin hypersensitivity. Supports the lipid barrier of the skin which visibly reduces the signs of soreness and surface irritation. Benefits Helps to relieve...
£30.00 £15.00
Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml Pore Cleanse Gel
Surface Radiance Cleanse gently renews and purifies skin revealing a softer, more radiant complexion. This daily cleanser includes an advanced exfoliating complex of AHAs and BHAs as well as glycerin for deep cleansing and pore refining. This cleanser thoroughly removes impurities, decongesting the skin....
Medik8 Beta Gel 15ml
Medik8 Beta Gel is designed for use on individual blemishes or problem areas. A fusion of spot-fighting actives include dioic acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid and niacinamide, all in a soothing and cooling clear gel. Packaged in a handy tube so can be taken on the move. Leaves an invisible film, that...
£31.00 £21.70
Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub
A dual action scrub with both physical exfoliating particles, plus both AHA (L-mandelic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid) hydroxy acids. This all-in-one facial scrub gently sloughs-off and polishes away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Developed to provide deep pore cleansing and daily...
£29.00 £23.21
Medik8 C-Tetra 30ml
Medik8 C-Tetra is a revolutionary, highly stable vitamin C serum to help combat sun-induced damage to the skin and maintain collagen production, increase the skin's elasticity and density, as well as improve the skins texture and brighten the complexion. Contains a medium strength concentration of lipid...
£36.00 £32.40
Medik8 Hydr8 B5 30ml
Medik8 Hydr8 B5 is a lightweight and easily-absorbed hydrating gel-serum that delivers skin-softening Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and super moisture-enhancing Hyaluronic Acid to produce rapid and significant improvements in the general condition and feel of the skin. Exhibits excellent water-retaining...
£40.00 £36.00
Medik8 Redness Corrector 50ml
A complete anti-redness product with 6 targeted actions to instantly reduce visible redness and minimise the appearance of future breakouts. Redness Corrector helps redness associated with: sensitivity or reactivity, hormonal change, broken capillaries and thread veins. It also helps to reduce the burning...
£63.00 £47.26
Medik8 C Tetra + Intense 30ml Formerly known as CE Tetra
Medik8 C-Tetra + Intense is a high strength and stable vitamin C serum to help combat sun-induced damage to the skin and maintain collagen production, increase the skins elasticity and density, as well as improve the skins texture and brighten the complexion. Contains higher strength of lipid soluble...
£63.00 £56.70
Medik8 R-Retinoate Intense 50ml
R-Retinoate Intense Youth Activating Cream R-Retinoate INTENSE delivers a revolutionary, brand new complex of Medik8s very best vitamins As. Retinaldehyde joins forces with Retinyl Retinoate to deliver the ultimate in vitamin A results. In a beautifully rich, nourishing formula all of our very best anti-ageing...
£105.00 £94.50
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