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NeoStrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser 100ml
NeoStrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a brand new creamy foaming wash off cleanser to brighten, illuminate and help control pigmentation for a more even skin tone. The Creamy foaming formulation gently removes oils and makeup. Neo GlucosamineTM gently exfoliates, Alpine Plant Extracts reduce...
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Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel 20g
Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel A high-strength brightening gel that significantly reduces skin pigment and targets skin discolorations such as dark spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation. New Formulation includes: AHAs: Glycolic and Citric Acid PHAs: Gluconlactone and Lactobionic acid Also includes...
NeoStrata Enlighten Skin Brightener SPF25 40g
NeoStrata Enlighten Skin Brightener SPF25 contains a patented NeoGlucosamine that gently exfoliates and encourages cell turnover to break up pigment clusters and diminish the appearance of skin discoloration. The skin brighteners Butyl Resorcinol and SabiWhite target the enzymes involved in pigment production...
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NeoStrata Enlighten Pigment Controller 30ml
NeoStrata Enlighten Pigment Controller is a lightening treatment with optical diffuser which brightens skin instantly. NeoGlucosamineTM Retinol Stabilised Vitamin C increase cell turnover and diminish discolouration SabiWhite a proven alternative to prescription strength hydroquinone helps lighten existing...
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NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum 30ml
NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum is a lightening treatment serum to target dark spots and uneven skin tone. Contains 12 Active brighteners targeting 6 pigment control systems to help break up and reduce the appearance of existing facial pigmentation and discourage new dark spots from forming. NeoGlucosamineTM...
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