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Auriga Auriderm XO Cream 30ml
Auriga Auriderm XO Cream has been specially formulated to accelerate the disappearance of bruises after a knock or a fall, but also following cosmetic and surgical procedures. Through a technology of nanosomes containing vitamin K oxide, vitamin C and vitamin E, which optimise the results, Auriderm XO...
NeoRetin Serum 30ml
NeoRetin Serum is a concentrated, fast absorbing fluid with an exclusive combination of anti-spot and anti-ageing technologies. It is formulated with the novel RetinSphere Technology, with major exfoliant and rejuvenating activity. Booster Lightening System also contains a potent depigmenting system...
NeoRetin Gel Cream 40ml
NeoRetin Gel Cream effectively brightens unevenly pigmented skin while protecting it from the suns harmful UV rays. This lightweight day cream is packed with active ingredients and proven skin brighteners such as Kojic Acid and Retinol to minimise the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It...
NeoRetin Pigmentation Control Programme
NeoRetin Pigmentation Control Programme is the ideal programme for you if youve got problems with pigmentation that are affecting your confidence. In just 12 weeks you can see fantastic improvements in your skin with a reduction in your pigmentation. Why are we so confident? Because the products youll...
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